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How To Utilize Free Time Complete Guide!

When we use to work 9-6, we complaint why it is 9-6 working hours why not flexible so on and so forth, and we often think about these questions: We should get on a weekend off, let us chill at home, I want to spare some time for myself, I want to learn a new hobby. These are a few thoughts we get while we work 9-6 & some of us often complain that life is cruel, life is running, what if I can go in my past and do whatever I wished to do always. If I am not wrong, then these questions might look familiar to you!

The Opportunity

Now that we got a golden opportunity we kind off forget our old wish, dreams, thoughts and started new complaints that we are getting bore, we cannot do this, cannot do that and so on.

Guys!!! You know this is golden leisure. Yes, a beautiful golden opportunity that can take you from a learner to an advance level. Thinking how? Okay, let me explain the possibilities you can leverage with just a few bucks or maybe free of cost by just focusing at home. I will take you through every possible thing you can do to make your life full of opportunities and to think out of the box.

Here we go with amazing ideas to explore while quarantined!

Learn something new online

I find quarantine as an opportunity to explore self by enrolling into some advance level course or maybe basic level course depending on my current requirements. There is plenty of online courses available from basic to advance that can help you step towards your dream job or maybe a business you always thought to do.

                                                                                Pic Credit: Freepik

Start a YouTube channel

Why not start a YouTube channel of your own! Which is free of cost and is one of the best channels to explore your talent.

Picture Credit: Free Pik

                                                                              Pic Credit: Freepik

Start a side hustle

If you are planning to start a business but couldn’t initiate due to quarantine, then you can start making a business plan and strategy. Finally, when you execute your business plan, it will be a cakewalk for you!

                                                                                 Pic Credit: Google images

Become a vlogger or YouTuber

If you are good at communicating and interacting with people, then you can give this a try. You know why because this is something which won’t cost you and in fact, you can start with just a good camera and great content.

                                                                                              Pic Credit: Google images


Family time

We often say that we hardly get to sit with family, friends due to our hectic schedule. Right? I know this is a very usual thing which everybody knowingly unknowingly says. Now that we have got to stay with our families; let us utilize it completely and eradicate complaints of our near and dears. Give them the quality of time they deserve. Spend time with them, play indoor games, cook their favourite meals. Trust me this will turn as a heart to heart strong bonding with all.

                                                                                     Pic Credit: Freepik


When was the last time you looked upon yourself and did something you always wanted to do? Oh please! Don’t say Sunday 😉 that is just a day given to do house stuff you couldn’t complete on weekdays! It is time! Explore! Learn! Do crazy things you always wanted but couldn’t do! Take care of yourself, cook something which you wanted to cook, draw something which you wanted to draw, create something, do yoga, gardening, change the interiors etc.

                                                                                      Pic Credit: Freepik

Observation & Recommendation

I know after reading this, there must be a few things that will strike your mind and will prompt you to love these days rather getting frustrated! I am sure you will leverage these days to become what you wanted to become always.

Are you working on the above things already? Share your experience in the comment below!